a vikram dasgupta film
I want to start this little blurb by quoting my father "no design is final, but at some point... we simply have to walk away".

After numerous screenings of assemblies, rough cuts, fine cuts and a plethora of other unnamed stages amongst trusted friends and industry professionals. After addressing notes from colleagues within and outside the story telling fraternity. Roping down visiting relatives from around the world who had innocently showed up at our door step to spend some relaxing time in Toronto. We've put all their agendas at the back burners and have made them sit through versions of our narrative. We've put them through merciless hours of Q and A regarding - what works and what falls flat. Hopefully some of them will still return someday in-spite of our audacity of thinking that the importance of our little film takes far more precedence over their vacation plans.

It finally gives me great relief to say this out loud. "Calcutta Taxi is Picture Locked".

We've done the best we can and have tried to tell the story with the honesty we set out more than a year back. I've heard somewhere that telling any story is no less than a painting or a design. Coming in of various elements to make something unique. Indeed "no design is final, but at some point of time we simply have to walk away"… we just have to know when.

I'm hoping we did.